May 2019 President's Corner

May 2019 President's Corner

SAA Moving Forward
The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) is at a unique time in its ten-year history. Throughout the past decade, national student leadership has been working to expand the SAA network, provide resources and support for students and programs, and encourage participation in professionally-based activities (conferences, advocacy, public education, etc.). In the past couple years, our national organization, with support of strong local chapters, has begun to focus on larger widespread issues that impact the AuD student population, including cultivating leadership and other soft skills, identifying differences in education and externship, and recruitment of students into the profession.

SAA Membership Meeting at AAA 2019
This year at AAA 2019, in order to fulfill our goals of addressing large-scale student issues, we decided to combine the SAA Membership meeting and the SAA Chapter Representatives meeting into the “Future of Audiology Summit”. This session focused on three themes, identified as the top issues facing the audiology student population at this time:

  1. Education: differences in resources and training between programs
  2. Externship: differences between deadlines, training, supervision, tuition, and stipends
  3. Recruitment: limited undergraduate pipelines to audiology, limited public awareness

These items were discussed among representatives from different university chapters and then collectively as an entire membership. From these conversations, many clear pathways for advancing the student population were established. If you want to volunteer to assist in one of these subset goals of the SAA, please submit a volunteer application on the Audiology Community. Applications are due June 1, 2019!

NSSLHA/SADA Collaboration
Also at the AAA conference, executive leadership from the three audiology student organizations (Student Academy of Doctors of Audiology, National Student Speech Language and Hearing Organization, and Student Academy of Audiology) met to discuss potential future collaboration initiatives. As a result, we decided to do a collaborative initiative every semester, each initiative led by a different group. The first collaboration will be a public awareness initiative on noise-induced hearing loss occurring in Fall 2019 and headed by the Student Academy of Audiology. We are so proud that audiology students from many different perspectives are demonstrating collaborative spirits with the end goal of advancing our profession. The future is so bright!

CAPCSD Conference
Shortly after AAA, President-elect Riley DeBacker, Treasurer Steven Gianakas, and I traveled to San Diego to represent the SAA at the 2019 Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders Conference. This conference includes program directors from graduate and undergraduate institutions. Out of the 480 attendees to the conference, we talked to 78 individuals. See the chart below for who we talked to:

Undergraduate only programs - faculty


Established SAA Chapter -Faculty




SLP graduate programs only - Faculty




At the conference, we had two main goals. First, to increase awareness of audiology, the SAA, and related resources to undergraduate programs who do not have an associated AuD program. Second, we distributed the results and summary of our Education and Externship Survey to established AuD programs. We feel we successfully accomplished these goals and look forward to other ways to recruit undergraduates into audiology and spread awareness of the SAA and our resources.