September 2019 President's Corner

September 2019 President's Corner

This “welcome back” email won’t give you a discount on body lotion or compare to the beauty of a college campus in the fall — even though we all know it’s still really summer when back-to-school starts now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that your campus is lovely and I love a good BOGO offer, but by the end of this President’s Corner, the only thing that I hope to sell you on are the perks that the SAA has to offer you this year. Plus, if your inbox looks anything like mine, you already have more 20% off coupons than any grad student can actually afford to use.

Now that I’ve told you two things that the SAA won’t do for you, let’s talk about three things the SAA already is doing for you:

  1. Making your membership worth it.
    • All SAA members receive a discount on eAudiology where we can access up-to-date seminars, including many topics to supplement your coursework like vestibular diagnostics, pediatric testing, and updates on implantable devices!
    • SAA members also receive special discounts on auto insurance, car rentals, and at more than 250 retailers. With that many discounts, I’m almost definitely wrong about us not getting discounted body lotion.
    • Each year, there is a special SAA Conference during the AAA Conference. This year’s SAA Conference in New Orleans will offer student-focused programming, networking, and the ability to ask questions to the leaders of our field away from other professionals and professors. If you renew your SAA membership before November 1, you’re even eligible for $10 off of your SAA Conference registration!
  2. Understanding you.
    • Last year, the SAA conducted the largest survey of current audiology students and new professionals to date in order to better understand our important perspective on the final year externship. With more than 1,000 responses, I can’t do the data justice here so be sure to check out our SAA Blog posts, “Externship Application Process” and “AuD Curriculum and Scope of Practice”, and Audiology Today articles (both in the July/August issue and in the recently published September/October issue) to get the scoop on the important contribution we made to the audiology community.
    • Speaking of the Audiology Community, did you know there’s a specific online forum for audiology students? This site can only be accessed by members of SAA and AAA, so it provides a secure way to ask your questions and discuss what’s going on with other students and audiologists. Plus, it’s loaded with SAA resources to help you write your resume, plan events, and even how to talk to your legislators and the public about audiology.
  3. Advocacy: of, by, and for audiology students.
    • The SAA is the largest organization of audiology students in the world! However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t collaborate with other organizations to advance our profession. Last year SAA, NSSLHA, and SADA met together at the AAA Conference to discuss the ways that we can work together to advocate for audiology students. Keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming collaborations this year!
    • SAA has also partnered with other student professional organizations like the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Public Health Association to help ensure that all future healthcare providers know when to refer to an audiologist and how to communicate with patients with hearing loss. Watch for more collaborations this year during Allied Health Professions Week in November!

These are just a few highlights of the SAA’s plans for this year. To make sure you’re getting all of these benefits (and more that will be coming this year), don’t forget to renew your membership and, of course, always open our emails — even though you’ll get the benefits anyway!

Always HEAR for you,

Riley DeBacker, SAA President