September 2020 President's Corner

September 2020 President's Corner

The Habit of Giving

When we rang in the start of 2020, we had high hopes for a life-changing year with new goals or habits. Only a couple of months later, life-changing took on a whole new meaning. Fortunately, as students, the start of an academic year is another opportunity to begin new habits such as reading before class, studying consistently (instead of cramming), or even getting to class on time. Another new habit we can consider is the habit of giving. 

As students, we’re all strapped for both time and money. Before you stop reading, look at it this way instead! Can you skip your $5 coffee drink next week? How about ordering water instead of soda the next few times you eat out? What if you pick up your food instead of getting delivery this week? If you do even one of these things every week for the next month, you’ve already saved about $20. Those $20 can be reallocated in your budget. Now imagine if everyone in your class or even your audiology program reallocated $20 each month; this could easily add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. As you can see, each of us can make small changes that amount to a significant difference in the end.

Now that I’ve convinced you how easy it is to save, you might be wondering, “What can I do with this extra $20?” As many of us will be transitioning to professionals soon, we need to re-examine how we contribute to our profession. I encourage each of you to consider small financial donations to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation (“the Foundation”). Not only does the Foundation provide grants and scholarships to students, but they are also planning for and supporting the future of audiology students, professionals, and patients.

Currently, the Foundation is actively fundraising to ensure that patients can find you, the (future) audiologist, through search engine optimization (SEO) and land on the Academy’s website. SEO is an exciting and unique digital marketing strategy that requires a lot of time and labor but has a substantial return on investment. Successful SEO requires the Academy website to be continuously updated with fresh, quality content to be featured on the first page of an internet search. As we’re seeing more individuals turn to the internet for medical management (e.g., hello Dr. Google!),coming up on the first page of the search results is key to successful SEO.

By donating to the Foundation’s SEO initiative, you’re ensuring that patients find the Academy and thereby you first! As a student, I know we’re not too concerned about patients finding you (YET!), but in just a few years, you will be concerned with attracting new patients. SEO is an on-going marketing strategy, so the sooner the Foundation hits its fundraising goals, the more successful “Find an Audiologist” will be in the coming years.

As you start the new year, I encourage you to start the habit of giving. When you support the Foundation, you support yourself, your colleagues, and your patients.

Stephanie Tittle
SAA President