SAA Chapter and Member Relations Committee

SAA Chapter and Member Relations Committee


To increase student membership, engagement, collaboration, and communication between the national SAA, SAA Chapters, and students at the undergraduate and graduate level through outreach, recognition, and resource development.


The Chapter and Member Relations Committee works on a variety of projects throughout the year. Work may include, but is not limited to, serving as Undergraduate Regional Representatives to SAA chapters, updating chapter resources, stewarding the Undergraduate Associate Awards, creating new resources to support member needs, and managing chapter renewals and the annual Chapter Challenges.


  • Anastasia Grindle, Chair
  • Mariana Castle
  • Alexis Holt
  • Emilee Hudgens
  • Lauren Keller
  • Meredith Klinker
  • Cecilia Lacey
  • Melanie Lutz
  • Natalie Rothbauer
  • Lindsay Shears
  • Molly Smeal
  • Jacob Sommers
  • Katie Stevenson
  • Hannah Swanner
  • Melissa Wiedeman
  • Amanda Fadde, AuD, SAA Advisor
  • Becky West, Academy Staff Liaison