December 2015 President's Corner

December 2015 President's Corner

It’s crazy to think that 2015 is almost over and we’re that much closer to being able to write AuD after our names. Soon enough, we will be the professionals touching patient’s lives and shaping the future of our profession. With important issues in advocacy, research, and audiology education on the horizon, a close relationship between future audiologists and their professional organization becomes increasingly important. Here are some ways you can get involved with the Academy and SAA today to ensure our professional future is even better!

Attend AudiologyNOW! and the SAA Conference

Not only is attending a conference a great way to learn more, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to network with other professionals. Spend time learning from the leaders in our field and take something back to share with other students in your program. If you’re interested in attending, be sure to apply for scholarships through the SAA and AAA Foundation to help with travel and registration expenses.

Volunteer with Special Olympics Healthy Hearing

A great way to share information and advocate for our field is to volunteer. The SAA has teamed up with Special Olympics to provide hearing screenings for athletes. This year, there were even students who volunteered at the World Games this summer in Los Angeles! If you’re interested in helping with Special Olympics Healthy Hearing in your area, contact Nicole Jordan for more information.

Donate to the Auction4Audiology

As students, we all know money is tight. The Auction4Audiology provides us with an opportunity to create a legacy by helping support student scholarships and initiatives. Get together with your classmates and create something unique or useful for the auction. Last year, one of the highest bids went to a cross-stitch of the auditory system that a student made! If you’d like to create or donate something for the Auction, contact Anna Jilla for more information.

Educate your Community about Audiology

In October, the SAA held the first Ask Me About Audiology Day where over 20 chapters handed out information to their communities and taught people about audiology. Now, it’s your turn to create an event to educate your community about our profession and the services we provide. The possibilities are endless! You could set up a meeting at your Representative’s local office or present to local high school students about audiology. Regardless of how you do it, talk to someone about your future career – even if it’s your neighbor!

It doesn’t matter what you choose do outside the classroom or your future career, all that matters is that you do it. I challenge you to find a way to support our profession over the next year, whether it’s through volunteering on a national committee or planning an event for your local chapter. The more involved we are now, the more involved we will be later, and the better our field will be because of passionate individuals like you. 

Be sure to let me know what you’re doing in the coming year!


Kaitlyn Kennedy, SAA President

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