June 2017 President's Corner

June 2017 President's Corner

It’s hard to believe that my tenure as SAA President is quickly coming to a close. It truly feels like yesterday when SAA Past President, Kaitlyn Kennedy, AuD, called to tell me that I had been elected to succeed her in the role of SAA President. I remember how shocked I was to learn that the student membership had chosen me to represent the student voice in audiology at the national level. I then remember feeling immediately ill when I considered the amount of responsibility associated with the role and how terrified I was at the thought of letting the student membership down. What if the membership made a mistake What if I make the “wrong” call? What if I fail?

Today, I am pleased to say that the student voice in audiology is, at least in my opinion, the strongest it’s ever been. Because of the tireless work and dedication of your SAA Board of Directors and the passionate efforts of the incredible student membership (YOU!), the student voice in audiology is now more regularly acknowledged, considered, and, implemented in areas of the profession where it had not been previously. Not only have we more convincingly demonstrated the value of the student opinion in all things audiology, but we have also diligently taken ownership of our future profession. We have done this by increasing active engagement of membership and an unrelenting strive for excellence as we work towards improving, enhancing, and adding salience to the profession of audiology and the services we provide. Additional successes the SAA celebrated this year include the following:

  • the creation and implementation of a new governance structure and 3-5 year plan in an effort to reduce internal redundancy and better define (or redefine) present goals and initiatives based upon the dynamic needs of the student membership at any particular point in time,
  • student representation at the ASHA AuD Education Summit in October 2016,
  • active student representation on the AAA Board of Directors,
  • creation of the Student Leaders in Audiology Conference (SLAC) to help students acquire, grow, and fine-tune skills in leadership specific to audiology,
  • record-breaking student attendance and participation in student-focused programming at AudiologyNOW! in Indianapolis, and
  • 85-100% participation in national SAA Membership for more than 40 SAA chapters across the nation!

Needless to say, the efforts of the student membership and work and leadership demonstrated by my fellow SAA Board of Directors has made me exceedingly proud. You have all shown just how influential the student voice in audiology can be and because of it, the student experience, and the profession at large, has an even brighter future. For this reason, I hope you will continue to actively engage, empower, and lead the student voice in audiology through your membership with the SAA and eventually, the Academy. Additionally, I hope you will all stay in touch with me, as it’s been an honor to get to know and work with so many truly outstanding individuals throughout the course of this year. If you’re any indication of what the future of audiology is to become, I am confident that it will be a productive and prosperous one.  

Thank you all for playing principal roles in what has easily been the most challenging, yet rewarding year of my adult life thus far. It has been a true honor serving as your SAA President, and I look forward to continuing to serve AAA as a licensed professional following graduation in August.  

Cheers (for EARS),
Joshua Huppert, SAA President