March 2016 President's Corner

March 2016 President's Corner

One of the highlights of my year is always AudiologyNOW!. From meeting peers and professionals to learning about the latest research in the field, each conference is memorable. I remember attending as a first year and being completely excited and overwhelmed by everything available to me. Over the last few years though, I’ve picked up some tips to help you prepare for the conference in Phoenix and make the most of your opportunity to attend.

Plan ahead. Be sure to check the Conference Planner and conference app. There, you’ll find a list of all the sessions available and can plan which ones you want to attend. It will also help you coordinate with friends and classmates so you can attend different sessions and then share what you learned. Additionally, some sessions like Grand Rounds or the Featured Lectures tend to quickly reach capacity. Planning helps you ensure you can have a seat at these popular lectures.

Attend a Variety of Events. Whether you’re a first year or finishing your externship, there’s always new information to be found at AudiologyNOW!. Don’t limit yourself to only attending student-focused or fundamental sessions – stretch yourself and check out a session on a topic that interests you which you may not know much about.

Dress Comfortably. Although you should dress business casual during the day, be sure you are comfortable. Layers also come in handy - sessions can get really warm with so many people in a room, but the Expo Hall is typically chilly.

Bring a Resume and Business Cards. You never know if a person you meet at AudiologyNOW! will be your first boss or your next supervisor.  Having a resume on hand can help you land a great summer research position or already be on someone’s radar for an externship. Having a business card as a student can also make a great impression. They don’t have to be fancy – use an online template and print them at home. It’s an easy way to share contact information with a new networking connection and gives them a way to remember you. Network with professionals and with students from other programs and don’t hesitate to start talking with the person sitting next to you before a session. That’s the perfect time to meet other professionals and learn from their experience.

Attend the SAA Membership Meeting. You can find a full list of student events in the Conference Planner, but be sure to make the SAA Membership meeting on Thursday from 12:30-1:30PM. This meeting is a great opportunity to review national SAA activities, talk about your local chapter, and discuss hot topics in our field. Additionally, each chapter with a representative at this meeting will be reimbursed $100!

Do you have any other helpful tips or tricks that students should know? Post them on the Student Academy of Audiology Facebook page or us the Audiology Student Community to share your ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing you in sunny Phoenix!

Kaitlyn Kennedy, SAA President

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