SAA Board of Directors Testimonials

SAA Board of Directors Testimonials

Stephanie Berry, 2019-2020 SAA Board of Directors

I typically spend between 4-7 hours per week on SAA Board is Directors related work. Every week, I am checking in on emails and communicating with committee members on our long-term projects. I’m also on 1-3 conference calls per month with the rest of the board of directors. For those interested in applying to the board, it is great to have experience in both leading/delegating a group of peers and in strategic goal-setting. Some committees require a lot of initiative creation so having ambitious goals is a positive.

Riley DeBacker, 2017-2021 SAA Board of Directors

My first board meeting I attended, I remember seeing all of the previous board members hugging one another and excitedly discussing their lives. I remember thinking how strange it was that this group grew so close so quickly. Having been on the board for a few years, I now understand how the regular meetings, hundreds of emails, and late night phone calls make for a strong bond that I’ve seen can last for years after graduating. I wouldn’t trade my board families or the professional connections that I’ve made for anything!

Samantha Kesteloot, 2019-2020 SAA Board of Directors

My name is Samantha Kesteloot, I am currently serving as a member at large on the SAA Board of Directors and running the Public Outreach Committee. I joined the BoD to further understand SAA, to help other audiology students become more engaged with SAA and to increase my involvement with leadership in the field of audiology. As part of the BoD I have been challenged to develop planning and time management skills that are outside of my natural leadership style which I am grateful for. My fellow BoD members continually inspire and rejuvenate my energy for the future of audiology, the ideas, and passion among this group are truly invaluable. The time commitment required for this role, while manageable, was unexpected and overwhelming at first. To run a national SAA committee requires a lot of initial time and significant amounts of communication via email. The most rewarding part of this role is witnessing committee members' efforts and hard work pay off in the forms of national projects being completed or new initiatives being successful.  My favorite part of being on the board thus far was our in-person board meeting in Reston, Virginia and talking to Legislators in Washington D.C.

Amanda Demas, 2019-2020 SAA Board of Directors

I applied for the board to challenge my leadership skills and help me grow as an emerging professional in audiology. Serving on the board has strengthened my time management and delegation skills. It has also made me more aware of the opportunities within our profession, and how I can maximize those opportunities for both myself and other students. All of this has opened me up to new friendships and networking opportunities within the SAA that I would not have had without this leadership position. I am thankful for my time on the board, and hope to continue this experience throughout my graduate career.

Stephanie Tittle, 2019-2022 SAA Board of Directors

Hello! My name is Stephanie Tittle, and I'm currently a third-year student at UT Dallas. Additionally, I'm the President-elect (p-elect) of the SAA. I'm very excited you are running for a position within the SAA. I hope to work with you on the board, as a volunteer, and/or as a future colleague. P-elect is a gratifying and observant role. In short, I get to poke my nose in each committee's business to get a feel for what they're doing for the year but also don't have significant responsibilities (yet!).

The role begins early (April-ish) and keeps you busy for the first few months. During this time, you get to know the inner workings of SAA. If you haven't served/worked closely with the SAA in the past, you're going to feel very lost at times, but that's ok! It takes some time to get into a groove. Following the board meeting in Reston, a lot has calmed down. Since then, I've been using my time to generate ideas or create resources to engage the board, our volunteers, and our membership. When I'm not doing any of the previously mentioned, then I'm following up on emails and organizing my inbox!!! Keeping up-to-date on your email inbox is the MOST - I repeat - the MOST critical part of the p-elect and president roles. This is part of the observant role and gathering a sense of SAA history, so you can take these experiences and knowledge into your term as president. Starting early 2020, I know things will get busy again with a large project we're working on, SAA elections, and then AAA.

To give you a time-sense, I spend approximately 30 minutes a day on email, 1-2 hour of meetings per week, and then another 3-4 hours interspersed throughout the week to work on various projects. In total, this comes to ~8-10 hours a week on average. Of course, some weeks are much busier, and some weeks are much slower. Some weeks, I'll work on the weekend and some weeks I won't. It's definitely all about finding a nice SAA-life-clinic-class balance.

Daniel Romero, AuD 2017-2018 SAA Board of Directors

Serving on the National SAA Board of Directors continues to make a positive impact in personal and professional life. I would say the single greatest benefit was the chance to grow your professional network. By serving on the board, I was able to meet some of the most influential people within our profession. The more you serve and put yourself out there, the more you’ll witness great leadership; a quality that will move our profession forward.