September 2017 President's Corner

September 2017 President's Corner

When sitting down to write my first President’s Corner, I immediately thought about the movie “Harriet the Spy”. As a child of the 90s, there were several important takeaways from that film. For example, it’s not a great idea to write mean things about your friends in a notebook where your archenemy can find them, and bullying is wrong, but cutting off a classmate’s ponytail as part of an elaborate revenge plot might have been worse… However, I think an underrated takeaway from the film is the Boy with the Purple Socks suggesting that Harriet be the new editor of their school paper, saying, “I think that Harriet is a very good writer, and if we only listen to one person’s opinion, we may never get anywhere new. But Harriet might have something very original, and I’d like to read what she has to write.”

I am honored to have been elected to this position. As SAA President, AuD students like yourself will be able to read what I have to say and my opinions can be heard. But as our friend with the purple socks mentioned, “if we only listen to one person’s opinion, we may never get anywhere new.” It is no secret, I’m not the only one who has something to SAAy.

In the past three years that I have been involved with SAA, I have met incredible student leaders from across the country. Whether you are a national member without a chapter, a member of a local chapter, a volunteer with national SAA, or a leader in your local chapter, YOU fuel this organization with your passion, effort, and hard work – and your desire to contribute to this organization inspires me to continue this work every day! We simply cannot do this without you. I know that each one of our members in SAA has a unique perspective and I want to hear what you have to say!

This year, the SAA Board of Directors is committed to continuing the work of last year to be more present and involved with our membership. There are several ways for you to connect with national SAA. First, members of the Executive Committee have been assigned to be your Regional Representatives; if you have a question, comment, or are looking to connect with a member of the board – start with us! Additionally, this year, there will be Undergraduate Regional Representatives, who will act as a point of contact not only for the undergraduate students within those regions, but for any chapters looking for resources to help them better connect with undergraduate students! We are in the process of putting some final touches on additional opportunities for students to connect with national SAA – so keep an eye out for more information about that! And of course, don’t hesitate to make your voice heard by contacting me directly. We are all HEAR to listen! (pun intended ;-))


Jennifer Whittaker, SAA President