January 2020 Advisors Corner

January 2020 Advisors Corner

As we enter the new year, this is a perfect opportunity to recalibrate. Review the past year, including accomplishments, missteps, areas for improvement, and more. Personally, I am a fan of New Year’s Goals (note, not resolutions - goals). A resolution is essentially a promise you’re making, goals are the means by which the resolution is accomplished.

Think outside the box when setting your New Year’s Goals. They do not have to be related to physical health, although for some, they may be. Some other ideas are: read a specific number of books over the course of the year, eat one meatless meal per week, meditate for 10 minutes per day, etc. The options are limitless. I think these goals are important to implement especially when life gets busy with graduate school and personal commitments. These do not have to be related to graduate school, or audiology, but can actually be a great opportunity to help find balance.

  1. Set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. This style of goal setting will help you focus your efforts and reach your goal.
  2. Start small. Goals do not have to be an overhaul of your entire lifestyle, as this can be a recipe for disappointment and guilt. Try to narrow it down, and focus clearly on one or two of your most important goals.
  3. Track your progress. Keep track of the “smaller” wins that will lead to the end goal. You can even schedule rewards for yourself along the way!
  4. Talk about it! If you share your goals with someone else, it provides an additional layer of accountability.
  5. Ask for support. There’s nothing wrong, or weak, about asking others for help. If you’re trying to begin running, as an example, you can find a friend with similar goals to run with. Again, this provides an additional layer of accountability. 

Whether or not you decide to set formal New Year’s Goals, I challenge you to critically evaluate what you want to accomplish in 2020. Planning before the year as close to it begins will set you up for success!

Ashley Hughes, AuD, SAA Advisory Committee (SAAAC) Chair