June 2017

June 2017

With summer in full swing and everyone’s mind on sun, fun, and time for relaxation and enjoyment, there are still several things an advisor can do to make sure their chapter/students get a head start in preparing for the Fall. Don’t wait until September when due dates are just around the corner…



  • Encourage your graduating students to Fellow Up!
  • Print out this handy flyer outlining all of the SAA/AAA Foundation’s individual and chapter funding opportunities including due dates and funding amounts.
  • Recommend a student to attend an education or research-based conference through the AAA Foundation’s Student Travel Award Reimbursement (STAR) Program. Up to $500 will be awarded for travel and/or lodging costs. STAR Program applications are due September 1.


  • Look for postings on the SAA Advisors Community for updates, announcements, or to help your fellow advisor.
  • Start planning your chapter’s Fall events and apply for a HEAR Chapter Grant due October 1!

And now, without further ado, for this edition of “Ask the Expert,” we have Susan Von Dollen, AuD, an Audiologist in the Center for Childhood Communication at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Von Dollen has been very involved in the SAA organization as both a student and as a professional. Currently, Dr. Von Dollen is serving on the Student Academy of Audiology Advisory Committee (SAAAC) and is the liaison to the SAA Humanitarian Committee. She’s also a member of the Academy's Resume Review Subcommittee.  

As always, if you or your students have questions that you would like answered, email me at kmarche1@hfhs.org!

Question: Why is it important/beneficial to encourage your students to maintain their SAA membership during their final externship year?

Dr. Von Dollen: As student members, your students have access to several resources that provide valuable benefits throughout their time in graduate school. During their final year, these resources can help them lay the foundation for their career, and provide a bridge into Fellow membership within the American Academy of Audiology (AAA).

During the search for their first job as an audiologist, student membership will give them access to the Academy’s Resume Review Service. SAA members are eligible to Fellow Up! upon graduation, at no additional cost for the remainder of the calendar year. This transition is further supported by discounted Fellow membership rates during the first 2 years following the year of AuD graduation.

As your students build their career and pursue professional involvement with the Academy, they will have access to the online community discussion forums, opportunities to serve on committees, and access to publications that will keep them involved, informed, and invested in the profession of audiology. Maintaining student membership during their externship year puts them on the path to success in these endeavors! Please encourage your students to maintain their student membership throughout their ENTIRE time in graduate school!