September 2020 Advisors Corner

September 2020 Advisors Corner

Welcome to the start of a new academic year. Whether you’re a first year or a final year AuD student, this year likely looks quite different than you initially anticipated. This may lead to increased stress, anxiety, and more, both personally and professionally. However, our profession will get through this and so will you.

Something that may help during these unpredictable times is finding or creating a semblance of normalcy. Even if this year doesn’t look like the last few, having a routine can help us stay focused and motivated. Below, I’ve listed ideas to help you gain a sense of stability during the new academic year.

  1. Create a routine. Figure out your top priorities, and build them into your weekly schedule. This may include things such as class, reading, clinical rotations, exercise, meditation, cooking, and more. Although some of these activities will change format (virtual classes, working out at home, etc.), having a routine can decrease stress, improve sleep and overall health, and sets a good example for others
  2. Get involved. Consider volunteering within the profession in a manner that provides you with joy. This can be with your local chapter, national SAA, or other non-profit organizations that give back to the population we serve.
  3. Set boundaries. Take some time to figure out how much you can give, and still have time to take care of yourself. You don’t have to say yes to every opportunity, and learning to say no can be quite empowering. Taking time to take care of yourself will make you a better friend, family member, colleague, and more.
  4. Give back. As a student, finances are tight and finite. However, remember that regardless of the size of your donation, you’re helping shape the future of our profession and organization. Consider donating to the AAA Foundation, which provides grants and scholarships to students, but is also consistently working to improve the future of our profession for students, audiologists, and the patients we serve. Of note, the Foundation is currently working on a SEO initiative; this initiative ensures that the people who need us can and will find us first. Although things may feel unstable right now, giving back to the Foundation ensures a bright future for all of us.

Good luck as you begin the academic year, and remember that we will get through this together. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Ashley Hughes, AuD, SAA Advisory Committee (SAAAC) Chair