2017-2018 Chapter Challenge

2017-2018 Chapter Challenge

As a part of our efforts to advance relationships between Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) chapters, we have developed a series of Chapter Challenges to help grow engagement in our profession, and build a sense of community among students of audiology. Furthermore, as future audiologists, it is paramount to be active participants in the advancement of our profession. We encourage all chapters to participate! The Chapter Challenge program is funded by the AAA Foundation with a gift from Hearing Healthcare Recruiters, Inc. 


  • The Chapter Challenge falls into four main areas: Advocacy, Education, Humanitarian, and Fundraising.
  • Participation in any area can occur throughout the entire challenge year beginning August 28 and ending March 16. This will be broken up into three periods:
    • August 28 – November 3 (submission deadline November 10) - Results Now Available!
    • November 4 – January 12 (submission deadline January 19) - Results Now Available!
    • January 13 – March 16 (submission deadline March 23) 
  • In order to be in contention to win, your chapter must participate and accumulate points during at least TWO of the three periods.
  • Your chapter will receive a document of possible activities to pursue and a tally sheet (see above) to track your points during each term of the challenge period. Only enter numbers into the first grayed-out column of this sheet; Excel will calculate the points in the second grayed-out column. Please read the descriptions carefully to understand how points are tallied.
  • At the end of each challenge period, email a copy of your sheet to Olivia DeWald, SAA Chapter and Member Relations Committee Chair. These points will be tallied and communicated to all local chapters.
  • You may count any activities that your chapter has completed since the start of the Fall 2017 semester! (end of August/early September depending on your semester start date).
  • ANY ACTIVITIES THAT ARE NOT LISTED STILL COUNT! The activities listed are just suggestions to get you started! So get creative! Each additional activity is worth 1 point. Please record, in detail, what your chapter did to earn the point, and include it in the most appropriate category under “Additional Activities”. If you have questions about how an activity should be tallied, please contact Olivia DeWald.
  • The winning chapters will be announced during the SAA Membership Meeting at AAA 2018 in Nashville and will be featured on the SAA website and social media.
  • There will be SIX winning schools this year! The categories are below. Keep in mind each school can only win for one of the six champion titles:

            1) Most Overall Points
            2) Most Well Rounded
            3) Advocacy Challenge Champion
            4) Education Challenge Champion
            5) Humanitarian Challenge Champion
            6) Fundraising Challenge Champion

We look forward to a year-long competition and seeing everything you and your chapters accomplish! Be sure to send videos, photos, or write-ups so we can share your progress! Remember: ADVOCATE, EDUCATE, SUPPORT and LEAD!

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