New Chapters and Governance

New Chapters and Governance

Once you’re affiliated with the national SAA, there are a few processes about which your chapter should be aware.

Chapter Charter Renewal Process

Chapters are required to renew their relationship with the national SAA annually. In addition, the national SAA must be notified of changed contact information, as necessary.

In order to maintain a relationship with the national SAA, renewal documents must be submitted annually via email to the Academy’s SAA Specialist, Becky West.

  • In odd years (January 2021), the chapter renewal will consist of:
  • Chapter Contact Information Form with your current chapter leadership
  • Current list of local SAA members with Academy ID numbers
  • Current chapter bylaws signed by both the chapter president and advisor
  • Renewal of SAA Agreement
  • In even years (January 2022), the chapter renewal will consist of:
  • Chapter Contact Information Form with your current chapter leadership
  • Current list of local SAA members with Academy ID numbers

Chapter Governance

It is recommended that SAA chapters have a Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary elected by the chapter membership. Chapters may also include other board members in addition to the officer positions, and are encouraged to include a national SAA representative among their elected officers.

Information regarding chapter governance (e.g., membership composition, officers, finances, meetings, etc.) are to be detailed in the chapter’s bylaws. For new SAA chapters, bylaws must be completed and submitted with the application for affiliation. Existing SAA chapters should review their chapter’s bylaws regularly and update as needed. A template for the bylaws is available on the SAA website.

Any changes to a chapter’s bylaws need to be submitted to Becky West, SAA Specialist, and Rachael Sifuentes, Senior Director of Membership and SAA, for approval.

Town Halls

The SAA Board of Directors will work to set up three town halls meetings over the course of the year. These conference calls are designed to improve inter-chapter relationships, facilitate communications, and build a support network for local chapters. In order to maintain active status, a chapter representative should participate in at least one town hall. Multiple times and dates will be offered for each town hall to accomodate various schedules, but will occur within the following windows:

  • Fall: September-October 2020
  • Winter: January-February 2021
  • Spring: March-April 2021

Be on the lookout for an email from the SAA Communications Chair to coordinate these calls!

Tax-Exempt Status for Chapters

It is recommended that chapters review the financial policies of the university under which they are housed. In most cases, student run organizations may qualify for tax-exempt status through their university.

Chapters interested in obtaining tax-exempt status on their own must make their own individual request to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for a separate review by the IRS of their particular operations.

There may also be particular state and local requirements that must be taken into consideration by the applicant and coordinated with the IRS application when seeking tax-exempt status.

The tax-exempt 501(c)(6) status of the Academy/SAA is particular to the Academy/SAA and may not be used as any type of "umbrella" under which chapters conduct tax-exempt activities. In the event there are any questions about this issue, please contact Rachael Sifuentes, Senior Director of Membership and SAA, for further information.

Use of SAA Logo and SAA Chapter Logos

The SAA logo is a registered trademark owned by the Academy. The logo and letterhead design and format may not be altered in any way. Any and all usage of the logo, for letters or other purposes, or letterhead, must have prior approval by Rachael Sifuentes, Director of Membership and SAA and the Academy, to ensure appropriateness and professionalism.

The SAA has developed personalized logos for SAA Chapter use. The logo consists of the main SAA logo with the affiliated chapter’s name included. Email to request your SAA chapter’s logo.