Program Ideas Bank

Program Ideas Bank

What is the Program Ideas Bank (PIB)?
The PIB is a resource and inspiration center for chapters to use when planning activities. All of the ideas within the PIB have been submitted by chapters around the country in hopes of helping you achieve your chapter’s goals! All relevant information regarding planning a particular activity has been included for your convenience.

PIB submissions include, but are not limited to:

  • Advocacy: Letter Writing Campaign, Advocacy Presentations, Trips to State and/or National Capitol, etc.
  • Education: Information Sessions, Poster Projects, etc.
  • Fundraising: Bake Sale, Chapter Outings (Profitable), Chapter Sales, etc.
  • Humanitarian: Food Drive, Winter Clothes Drive, Walk4Hearing, Hear Camp, etc.
  • Social: Chapter Outings, Chapter Dinner Celebration, etc.
  • Other: Anything that does not fit within one of the above categories.

How to use the PIB

  1. Below you will find the five pillars of the SAA listed (Advocacy, Education, Fundraising, Humanitarian, Social) as programmatic categories.
  2. Click on any of the individual links you would like more information about.
  3. Previously submitted activities will appear after clicking on the link.
  4. Select an idea featured on the following web page.
  5. A downloadable copy of step-by-step instructions will be available as a resource.

Have an idea you'd like to submit?

  1. Download a copy of the entry Submission Form.
  2. Completely fill out the form to ensure all the necessary information is available in order to duplicate the activity.
  3. When submitting your idea, please select only one of the five pillars. If your event fits within more than one category, choose the most relevant category. If it does not fit within any of the provided categories, choose “Other”.
  4. Completed submission forms should be sent directly to the SAA Chapter Relations Chair.
  5. Please note that each idea can only be submitted once per chapter.

Chapters are eligible to earn one point towards their Chapter Challenge per PIB submission. Chapter Challenge points earned through this activity should be categorized under the “Education” pillar.

PIB Categories