SAA Chapter Charter Renewal

SAA Chapter Charter Renewal

Each year, the national SAA requests its chapters to complete the SAA Chapter Charter renewal process. In even years, the renewal will consist of submitting a chapter member roster and updated chapter contact information. In odd years, chapters will additionally need to resubmit chapter bylaws, reviewed and signed by the current chapter president and chapter advisor, as well as the SAA Chapter Agreement.

The 2021 SAA Chapter Charter renewal process will take place January 11-February 8, 2021 (odd year).

To reaffirm your SAA Chapter for 2021, please submit the following:

All documents can be sent directly to Becky West, Membership and SAA Specialist. 

If any changes are made to your chapter's bylaws or chapter leadership at any point throughout the year outside of the SAA Chapter Charter renewal process, please send an updated copy of these documents to Becky West.  

Questions about the renewal process may be directed to Rachael Sifuentes, Senior Director of Membership and SAA.