AuD Program

AuD Program

The entry level degree in audiology is the Doctorate of Audiology (AuD); this is a clinical degree.

There are currently 74 clinical audiology graduate programs in the country. When considering an AuD program, it may be helpful to identify your areas of interest (private practice, research, schools, hospitals, industry, etc.) and search for a program that offers opportunities in that area. If you are unsure of your interest at that time, like many first-year audiology students, then search for an audiology program that offers the most diverse experiences. Your clinical experiences are a very important piece of your graduate school career. It is also important to consider location, cost, and competitiveness of programs.

Once you have narrowed your list to a few programs, it is highly recommended you make a campus visit. There is a lot you can learn by talking with the faculty and students rather than only viewing the program’s website.

Questions to Ask Audiology Graduate Programs:

  1. On average, how many students apply and are accepted into your program, annually? 
  2. What are the GPA and GRE® requirements for your program?
  3. Tell me more about the clinical experiences offered for each year of the program.
  4. How far are off-site clinic placements?
  5. At what point in the program do students begin to actively participate in clinic?
  6. Do you have a capstone/research component? What is that process?
  7. For the externship process, am I solely responsible for communicating with the sites or is there a faculty member that is responsible for communicating with the sites on my behalf?
  8. Are there any research opportunities available?
  9. What kinds of opportunities are there for graduate assistantships in the department
  10. Are there any graduate assistantships outside of the department?
  11. What are the program’s strengths?
  12. What are the program’s weaknesses, and what is being done to repair them?
  13. What community outreach programs are there?
  14. Where do most AuD students live?
  15. Are there funding opportunities (scholarships or grants) available to AuD students?
  16. What is the PRAXIS pass rate for your program?
  17. What is the retention rate
  18. What on-site and off-site clinical experiences do students have?