Undergraduate Advocate Award

The Undergraduate Advocate Award will be awarded to an SAA Undergraduate Associate that shows strength in the Advocacy and Education events in their chapter, as a part of Chapter Challenges. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Sending letters to legislators advocating for the profession of audiology.
  • Tabling on campus about noise exposure.
  • Handing out earplugs at high-noise level events.
  • Presenting to groups or members in the community about safe sound levels.

Participation must be verified by a member of your SAA Chapter’s Executive Board or the person in charge of the event. Download the Activity Form to keep track of events and submit it with any additional supporting documentation along with your application.

​All required information for the application is marked with an asterisk (*). For best results, chose and upload each file one by one. 

Applicant Information
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