SAA Chapter Relations Committee

SAA Chapter Relations Committee


To increase chapter membership, engagement, collaboration, and communication at the undergraduate and graduate level, through outreach, recognition, and resource development.


The SAA Chapter Relations Committee works on a variety of projects throughout the year. Work may include, but is not limited to, collaborating with the SAA State Amabassadors Program, administering the annual Chapter Challenges, Chapter Needs Assessment, and regional calls, as well as maintaining chapter resources such as the SAA Monthly Updates, SAA Chapter Resource Packet, and the SAA regional Facebook Groups.


  • Natalie Dixon, Chair
  • Isabel Arroyo-Sola
  • Kate Bergin
  • Margaret Butler
  • Sarah Conrad
  • Jennifer Hwang
  • Monica Muncy
  • Kim Nicholson
  • Shelby Northup
  • Hanna Page, AuD, SAA Advisor
  • Becky West, Academy Staff Liaison