Bridget Shanahan

Bridget Shanahan

Name: Bridget Shanahan
University: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Year in Program: Fourth
Externship Placement: Boston Children's Hospital
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Clinical/research interest: Everything involved in Pediatric Audiology – I have a specific interest in ototoxic monitoring and sudden illness cases.


1. Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?
In the next five years, I hope to be working as an inpatient audiologist at a children’s hospital. I hope to not only evaluate their hearing sensitivity, but evaluate their communication strategies during their stay in the hospital. Furthermore, I will continue to volunteering with the audiology professional organizations to advocate for the profession, for my colleagues, and for future audiology students.

2. What are your goals for the Media Committee?
There are so many great projects coming from the Media Committee this year. My goals are to connect students to current resources in many areas of audiology and to highlight accomplishments of local chapters or individuals through the use of social media on Facebook, Twitter, and the SAA website. Additionally, the Media Committee will be developing a new platform to connect with students. Stay tuned for the news developments!​

3. What advice would you give to current AuD Students?
"If you don't do it, you'll never know what will happen if you did do it." This little quote has followed me all through college and I feel totally blessed with the amazing opportunities that have come along. My advice is to jump in and get involved! Go to conferences, volunteer on a committee, or become a leader in your local SAA chapter. There are so many opportunities in this field that these experiences can only help you better clinician, researcher, and advocate in audiology!

4. Tell us a fun fact about you!
Outside of audiology, my other passion is comedy. I love performing improv and sketch comedy. I’m currently taking classes in Boston and would LOVE to get on stage before my externship is over.

How can AuD students get in contact with you?
There are two ways to reach me! My SAA email is If you would like to submit articles or materials about you or your chapter’s events, please email the Media Committee at