Committee Member Spotlight: Lauren Keller

Committee Member Spotlight: Lauren Keller

January 16, 2020 SAA News

Name: Lauren Keller
University: Long Island AuD Consortium
Year in Program: Fourth year (Externship at Columbia University Medical Center)
Committee: SAA Programs, SLAC Subcommittee Chair

Why did you decide to become an SAA committee volunteer?
I have been involved in SAA, on the chapter and national level, since my first year of graduate school. Once I realized how many wonderful ways SAA advocated for the profession and for individuals with hearing/balance impairments, I felt it was my professional obligation to become involved. The various SAA committees I have sat on have allowed me to meet wonderful individuals from around the country that share the same passion I do for the profession of audiology.

What are you most excited to contribute to your committee?
This year, the Student Leaders in Audiology Conference (SLAC) Subcommittee will be having the SAA’s first ever diversity event. I am extremely excited to be introducing an event on such an important topic and am hoping to celebrate various cultures and communities in our field.

Within the field of audiology, what are your primary interests?
I really do love all aspects of audiology. I have said several times during my final year externship that if I could do audiological exams, balance, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and have a wide patient variety in my schedule, I would love that. If I had to choose something to specialize in, I would probably choose balance or cochlear implants. I am excited to continue developing my skills in all aspects of our field.

Fun fact about yourself?
I am a volunteer firefighter. I have been an interior firefighter for the past 7 years for the Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department.


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