Daniel Romero

Daniel Romero

Name: Daniel Romero
SAA Position: SAA Conference Subcommittee Chair 
University: Northern Illinois University 
Year in Program: Fourth Year 
Externship Placement: Henry Ford Health System 

Hometown: Chino, CA 
Clinical/research interest: Adult Vestibular Assessment and Management and Electrophysiology 

1. What is the most exciting thing you have learned so far in your AuD?
The amount of opportunity there is for an audiologist. I know it's easy to sometimes get discouraged when hearing about some of the professional issues going on lately but I assure you, there is not one thing that defines our careers, the opportunities are truly endless. 

2. What are your goals for SAA this year?
I hope to inspire students to become more regularly involved on the national level of SAA as well as put on an amazing SAA Conference in Nashville! This year will be my fifth year volunteering for SAA and I have loved every minute of it! 

3. What advice would you give to current AuD students?
Stay focused, find something that pushes you to be your best self and always have the profession's best interests in mind. 

4. Tell us a fun fact about you!
I am an amateur pool player so don't mess with me! And I do some photography also, so smile.  

How can AuD students get in contact with you?
Always feel free to reach out me if you have any questions at danieljromero.saa@gmail.com.