Diversity & Inclusion Task Force March 2021 Update

Diversity & Inclusion Task Force March 2021 Update

March 17, 2021 SAA News

In February, the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (DITF) posted an infographic educating students on Black American Sign Language (BASL) for Black History Month. Visit any of the SAA social media platforms to learn the history of BASL!

On Tuesday, March 30 at 6PM ET, the DITF will host an interview with Dr. Sarah Sparks and Dr. Troy Cascia to discuss practicing LGBTQ+ inclusive audiology. Keep an eye on the SAA’s social media pages to see updates leading up to the interview! Also, look out for a new infographic coming later this month on the SAA Facebook Page!

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Lily Rollins, BS, is the current President-Elect of the national Student Academy of Audiology. She is a third-year student from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is interested in adult diagnostics and hearing aids.

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