Hanna Sawher

Hanna Sawher

Name: Hanna Sawher
SAA Position: Public Outreach Committee Chair
University: The University of Wisconsin
Year in Program: Fourth Year
Externship Placement: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin 

Hometown: Port Huron, MI 
Clinical/research interest: Pediatrics (specifically diagnostics) 

1. What is the most exciting thing you have learned so far in your AuD?
The most exciting thing I have learned so far in my AuD is that audiology gives you the opportunity to help others. It is a privilege to be involved in patients’ hearing and balance care. Each patient teaches me something and every day is filled with new experiences and opportunities for growth. 

2. What are your goals for SAA this year?
My goals for SAA this year are to bring leadership opportunities in advocacy and education to each and every SAA member. Education and advocacy are both important to move our profession forward and for audiology to continue to have a place in national conversation. Each member has the power to influence policy change and to continue on the path of audiology advocacy. Each member has the opportunity to influence our profession's future through educating the public and our interdisciplinary colleagues on what an audiologist does and why our patients matter. SAA also brings a professional platform for positive interaction and relationship building. 

3. What advice would you give to current AuD students?
Always believe in yourself, and you never know who your next teacher will be so keep an open mind. 

4. Tell us a fun fact about you!
I am an avid yogi. I have been teaching yoga for 11 years and I continue to practice and teach weekly. 

How can AuD students get in contact with you?