HEARing for Malawi

HEARing for Malawi

October 12, 2017 SAA News

The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) Chapter at Arizona State University embarked on a five-week journey to the small southeastern African country of Malawi during May and June 2017. Their mission was to help bring audiology services to the Malawi people. The eleven-member SAA Chapter completed hearing outreach efforts at eight different outreach sites, which served 1,466 individuals in need of hearing screenings, otologic medical management, referral to brick-and-mortar hearing facilities, and hearing aid fittings. The temporary earmold material funded by the Humanitarian, Education, & Awareness Resources (HEAR) Grant provided temporary coupling of hearing aids to ears for 276 hearing aids fit on 160 people in need of hearing aids.

There are now hundreds of people with hearing loss in the country of Malawi who have gained access to hearing healthcare and better hearing. These efforts, in conjunction with local audiology clinics, have created a lasting impact on the hearing healthcare for the people of Malawi.

If your chapter is interested in applying for a SAA HEAR Chapter Grant, email Rachael Sifuentes, Associate Director of SAA and Volunteer Engagement, or click here for an application.

The SAA HEAR Chapter Grants are generously underwritten by Starkey Hearing Technologies.


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