Joshua Huppert

Joshua Huppert

Name: Joshua Huppert
University: Pacific University
Year in Program: Third (3 Year Program)
Externship Placement: Nemours/A.I. duPont’s Hospital for Children (DE)
Hometown: Oswego, IL

Clinical / Research Interest: I have an avid passion for working with vestibular patients, especially members of the pediatric population that have vestibular impairment; however, I, too, have a deep love for general pediatric audiology as well. I am most fascinated by otolith dysfunction, specifically understanding why and where deficits in the system occur relative to the anatomy and physiology of the organs themselves and could perform and analyze rotational vestibular testing (RVT) all day long.

1. Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?
Ideally, I would love to eventually become director of a pediatric vestibular and balance program at a major pediatric hospital; however, I, too, am also considering the possibility of pursuing a PhD immediately following graduation that would focus on developing better approaches to diagnosing and (re)habilitating isolated otolith dysfunction and/or uncovering methods which we can better assess long-term vestibular and balance affects of sports-related concussion in pediatric populations.

2. What are your goals as President for the upcoming year?
There are several changes on the horizon for the SAA over the course of this year to not only strengthen and enhance the organization’s outlook moving forward, but, more importantly, so that the organization can better understand and exceed those needs of its membership. Presently, the SAA is in the process of implementing a new governance restructure, developing a 3-5 year plan, looking into ways we can strengthen the relationship between national SAA (i.e.. SAA Board of Directors) and local chapters, increase opportunities for student leadership development, and finally, deepen member understanding (i.e.. value) of the individual member benefits of being involved in SAA.

3. What advice would you give to current AuD students?
Get involved and fuel your fire for audiology in every possible way you can, whether that be your local community, in your state, and/or nationally because what you do and say today ultimately determines that which is on the horizon tomorrow. Being involved with SAA at the national level has encompassed some of the most memorable and empowering experiences of my graduate career and given me exposure to opportunities that I would have never received in the classroom or clinic. My voice matters and so does yours, so use it.

4. Tell us a fun fact about you!
I’m a foodie, love running, and enjoy traveling; in fact, I’m very much looking forward to exploring New England throughout the course of my externship this year!

How AuD students contact you?
I’m always available by email at