Rachel Appleton

Rachel Appleton

Name: Rachel Appleton
University: Northwestern University
Year in Program: Third (3 year program)
Externship Placement: Edward Hines VA Hospital
Hometown: Portsmouth, Ohio

Clinical/research interest: I love working with older adults, especially those who are also visually impaired. I honestly love all aspects of audiology, but I really enjoy aural rehabilitation and tinnitus.


1. Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?
In five years, I hope to be working at a VA or in private practice. I will continue my involvement in humanitarian audiology both locally and abroad.

2. What are your goals for the Humanitarian Committee this year?
This year, we are going to continue to build our partnership with Special Olympics Healthy Hearing and DiscovEARy Zone. We will also be working to provide SAA members with more humanitarian opportunities and ideas!

3. What advice would you give to current AuD students?
My advice is to take advantage of all of the opportunities that are provided to you as an audiology student. Get involved in your profession and learn as much as you can!

4. Tell us a fun fact about you!
I love to knit and make (and eat) cupcakes!

What's the best way student can get in touch with you?
Students can email me at my school email address at rachelappleton2017@u.northwestern.edu.