SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Devon Beebe Palumbo

SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Devon Beebe Palumbo

March 13, 2017 SAA News

Name: Devon Beebe Palumbo
University: University of Texas at Dallas, Extern at Stanford Healthcare and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital  
Year in program: Fourth Year
Committee: Education

1. Why did you decide to become an SAA Committee Volunteer?
I saw the opportunity to be involved with a professional organization at the national level as a way to meet other blossoming professionals, hear different perspectives, and learn from others. I value maintaining a broad perspective of our profession in addition to being in the trenches with class and clinic.

2. What do your responsibilities include within your committee?
Over the past two years on this committee, I have written an article for Audiology Today, created a questionnaire and analyzed the responses about the externship process, and worked on providing students access to e-webinars. The focus of the Education Committee is not only to educate future professionals on audiology issues, but also to improve the current education structure and criteria of the doctoral programs.

3. Within the profession of Audiology, what are your primary interests?
As my externship year comes to an end and graduation approaches, I solidify my desire to be a “jack-of-all-trades” Audiologist. Our profession is already a niche in healthcare, so I want to be competent in all aspects of the scope of audiology to ensure the best possible patient care experience. Whether it be vestibular assessment, cochlear implant programming, tinnitus management, or auditory rehabilitation and counseling, I enjoy it all.

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