SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Gretta Richter

SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Gretta Richter

November 15, 2018 SAA News

Name: Gretta Richter
University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Year in Program: Second Year
Committee: Students with Hearing Loss Task Force

Why did you decide to become an SAA committee volunteer?
I decided to become a SAA committee volunteer because I wanted to get involved with the audiology community as a whole and meet more audiology students from other programs.

What do your responsibilities within your committee include?
I assist in creating resources for audiology students with hearing loss. My current project is creating resources on how to caption videos on Facebook and YouTube. The goal of this project is to make it easier for people to create videos that are more accessible to those with hearing loss.

Within the field of audiology, what are your primary interests?
My primary interests include cochlear implants, cochlear implant research, and working with the adult population. More specifically, my topics of interest include new indications for cochlear implantation and the resulting spatial hearing and quality of life outcomes.

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