SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Kathleen (Katie) Hadsell

SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Kathleen (Katie) Hadsell

December 05, 2016 SAA News

Name: Kathleen (Katie) Hadsell
University: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Year in program: Third Year
Committee: Advocacy



1. Why did you decide to become an SAA Committee Volunteer?
I wanted to do more for my fellow students in helping advance and protect our profession.

2. What do your responsibilities include within your committee?
Within my committee, I attend monthly meetings and work on monthly assignments, or action items. So far I have helped design a "What is an audiologist business card." I have also gathered information on advocacy bills that are directly affecting students, and I am updating an advocacy PowerPoint to help SAA chapters understand the importance of advocacy. I collaborate with my team members on ways to help educate and inspire other students to be involved in advocacy.

3. Within the profession of Audiology, what are your primary interests?
My primary interests include pediatric audiology, including multidisciplinary care teams for children who have disabilities, early hearing detection intervention programs, adult aural rehab and hearing aids. I really love it all though!


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