SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Peyton Williams

SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Peyton Williams

March 21, 2019 SAA News

Name: Peyton Williams
University: University of South Alabama
Year in Program: Fourth Year
Committee: SAA Conference Subcommittee

Why did you decide to become an SAA committee volunteer?
I have always had a drive for volunteering that started in high school and has never stopped. Once I was in my graduate program and a part of my local SAA, I figured the next step was to volunteer for the national SAA and do my part in helping out the organization and the student aspect of audiology.

What do your responsibilities within your committee include?
For the SAA Conference Subcommittee, we are divided into three separate smaller subcommittees for different aspects of the conference. I act as the chair for the Speaker Subcommittee. My responsibility is to help the Speaker Subcommittee gather information on people we believe would be engaging and interactive speakers for different topics for the conference. It is also our job to be the main point of contact for the speakers. We send out invitations asking professionals to join our conference to speak on a variety of topics. Once we have secured the speaker list, we gather information from the speakers and answer any questions they may have about the conference. I also help Bree Sawyer, the SAA Conference Subcommittee Chair, with anything else related to the speakers for the conference. There is a lot that goes into the conference that many people may not see — it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes teamwork! Our committee as a whole does an amazing job keeping everything running smoothly to put on a great conference for student attendees.

Within the field of audiology, what are your primary interests?
Within audiology, my primary interests are with the pediatric population, specifically children with special needs. I also have an interest regarding Auditory Neuropathy within the pediatric population and amplification solutions for these patients.

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