SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Raquel Heacock

SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Raquel Heacock

December 06, 2016 SAA News

Name: Raquel Heacock
University: University of Louisville School of Medicine
Year in program: Third Year
Committee: Humanitarian


1. Why did you decide to become an SAA Committee Volunteer?
"Unless someone cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” - Dr. Seuss. Volunteering for the Humanitarian Committee is such a great vehicle to accomplish Dr. Seuss’ simple yet profound words. As a part of this committee, I not only have the opportunity to help promote awareness of hearing loss and to help this mission reach underserved populations, but I have the opportunity to work with amazing students from all over the country with a similar vision.

2. What do your responsibilities include within your committee?
My responsibilities within my committee entail brainstorming with my other members about ideas for students from all programs to become a part of a humanitarian audiology event and to help organize the humanitarian event at AudiologyNOW! 2017. Our group is committed to help SAA chapters easily plan their own humanitarian event in their local communities as well as creating How-To documents to simplify the process. Be sure to check them out on SAA website!

3. Within the profession of Audiology, what are your primary interests?
I have always felt a deep connection to the Louisville, KY region and am committed to promote awareness of hearing loss and to serve the city. Many think that in order to serve you must go far, but it starts right within your local community! I am blessed to be in such a beautifully diverse city, in many ways. I hope to provide a variety of services to the diverse patient population in my community—whether in a private practice, nonprofit organization, or comprehensive care center.


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