SAAy Anything March 2011

SAAy Anything March 2011

March 01, 2011 E-News

SAAY Anything

March 2011
SAA at AudiologyNOW! 2011—Exciting New Events

The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) is gearing up for AudiologyNOW!® 2011, the American Academy of Audiology’s annual convention and exposition, in Chicago, Illinois. We are counting down the days until April 6 (21 days from March 16 to be exact…but who’s counting?). The SAA AudiologyNOW! Planning Committee is excited to tell you about two of its great, student-focused events—the SAA Mix-N-Mingle and the first-ever SAA Expo Hall Student Scavenger Hunt! Learn more about these fun events.


Free Life Seminar on Genetics of Deafness HearCareers Free Live Web Seminar on Pediatric Cochlear Implantation


In the News

SAA Annual Membership Meeting—The Place to Be at AudiologyNOW! 2011 The SAA Annual Membership Meeting at AudiologyNOW! 2011 is the place to be to learn about SAA activities this past year (with a sneak peak into the future), meet your board of directors, network with fellow students, hear from one of the profession’s luminaries, and win some sweet door prizes. Read more about the one meeting you don’t want to miss!

Audiology Unplugged – Popular Networking Event Returns! Audiology Unplugged is a popular, annual networking event at AudiologyNOW! that allows students to connect with some of the biggest names in the profession. Don't miss this one!

AudiologyNOW! 2011 Enhances Your Education While you may think that AudiologyNOW! is all about the show floor and networking, there are many amazing educational programs that were specifically developed with students in mind. Read more for a sneak preview!

Going Pro—The Power of Networking We all go to AudiologyNOW! for different reasons—educational sessions, new products, meeting with colleagues. A wonderful “plus” for everyone is the chance to network—and for us students, networking can have significant impact on our future careers. Learn more about this easy way to make connections and jump start your career.

Legal Alert On the advice of legal counsel, the Academy has informed the organizers of the Web site, "," that as a non-profit membership organization, the Academy is prohibited from engaging in any manner with this initiative due to the profound antitrust concerns involved with economic boycotts. Further, discussions of this initiative are not permitted in any Academy forum, including listservs and AudiologyNOW! Finally, due to the overall antitrust concerns involved with economic boycotts, we encourage all Academy members to speak with your legal counsel before joining any such effort. Click here for a brief overview of antitrust.

AAA Foundation's Auction 4 Audiology at AudiologyNOW! 2011 AuD programs and SAA chapters are invited to donate items to the AAA Foundation’s annual Auction 4 Audiology atAudiologyNOW! 2011, with a chance to win a gift certificate toward a night of food and fun! All proceeds from student-donated items go to student-focused programs.

ABA Meet & Greet at AudiologyNOW! 2011 Are you a student who would welcome the opportunity to meet with a practicing audiologist over lunch and learn more about the ABA? Then the ABA Meet & Greet at AudiologyNOW! 2011 in Chicago is the event for you!

Chapter Check

Welcome New Chapters!

The SAA is pleased to welcome two new chapters to the SAA family—Syracuse University and Towson University. That makes 54!

Did you know – only official, chartered SAA chapters can use the registered SAA name and trademarks.

Chapter Check—"Host City" SAA Chapter at Rush University Welcomes AudiologyNOW! The SAA chapter at Rush University is very excited about AudiologyNOW! 2011 being in Chicago this year! Robert Risley, chapter president, talks about chapter activities and Chicago tips. Read more about this “host city” SAA chapter.

U SAAid It We've heard from students at some fine institutions on SAA Facebook, and the “Likes” continue to grow. See if someone from your school has posted and check out the “winner” (which should be no surprise since two of the SAA board members hail from there!).

  • Don't be left out – post on SAA Facebook today. Next issue – we’re sharing our favorite posts!

The SPAM Files Some universities have tough spam filters! Chapter presidents—check with your chapter members to see if everyone is getting SAA and Academy emails, including this great newsletter. If not, they should check their email spam box or check with the university's IT office. Another option – they can have their Academy/SAA email sent to a personal email address. Thank you for helping to make sure everyone stays in the SAA e-loop!

Research / PhD Cafe

Calling All Research-Doctorate Students Every year, students pursuing research doctorates are left out of great activities, such as the PhD Students Networking Breakfast at AudiologyNOW! 2011, because their degree information in the Academy’s records isn’t up to date. Don’t miss out—it’s easy to keep your records current!

Dissertation Fellowship—Deadline NOW! Although not related to AudiologyNOW! , we just learned of a PhD (pre-doctoral) fellowship at the National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) in Portland, Oregon, that was too good not to tell you about – and the April 1 deadline is fast approaching. Fast facts – sponsored by VA Office of Academic Affiliations for 1040 hours, $13,600/year fixed stipend. Intrigued? Contact NCRAR.


Like there was any other date! April 6-9, 2011 AudiologyNOW! 2011 in Chicago, Illinois

The SAA will see you in the Windy City!

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