Steven Gianakas, SAA Treasurer

Steven Gianakas, SAA Treasurer

Name: Steven Gianakas
SAA Position: Treasurer
University: University of Washington
Year in Program: Third Year AuD, First Year PhD
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Clinical/research interest: Speech processing and listening effort in cochlear implant listeners

1. What is the most exciting thing you have learned so far in your AuD?
There are so many different settings audiologists can work in and it is difficult for me to narrow down what kind of place I would like to be in the future. It is exciting to have so many possible avenues to take while making a great impact on our patients' lives!

2. What are your goals for SAA this year?
My goal is to connect the SAA and its members with the American Academy of Audiology Foundation. By doing this, I hope to educate our members on the benefits of being an SAA member as well as the amazing opportunities that are provided by the Foundation.

3. What advice would you give to current AuD students?
Take time for yourself and do not take everything too seriously. 

4. Tell us a fun fact about you!
I am currently training for my first Ironman race which I will complete this September.

How can AuD students get in contact with you?
Shoot me an email at