What are your specific interests in audiology? What are your professional goals related to these interests?

My specific interests include pediatric audiology, animal audiology, and amplification. It is my goal to work at an outpatient hospital as a pediatric audiologist after graduation. It is also my goal to complete my Animal Audiology Certificate.

Have you previously volunteered with the SAA?

National SAA Member Relations Committee Member: I helped with collecting contact information for various SAA chapters, event coordination, and public relations.

University of Cincinnati (UC) SAA: I have attended meetings since I was an undergraduate student. As a graduate student, I have helped coordinate social events, attended fundraisers, and worked together on a variety of events with University of Cincinnati NSSLHA. I helped UC SAA develop an Undergraduate Liaison position so they can keep communication with UC undergraduate students and to increase involvement in SAA. 

Aside from the SAA, what other relevant volunteer experiences do you have?

When I was an undergraduate student, I was the president of the University of Cincinnati’s NSSLHA chapter.

I serve as a member of the Ohio Speech-Language and Hearing Association’s (OSLHA) Technical Committee by helping with social media and event planning.

I currently serve as a member of the University of Cincinnati’s Diversity Committee in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department. Our goal is to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our audiology and speech-pathology programs.

Currently, I am completing my clinical placement at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I have previously worked at a private practice, the Hear All Hearing Center, and the University of Cincinnati Audiology Clinic. I am interested in working in pediatric audiology.