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National SAA Board of Directors

The 2023-2024 national SAA Board of Directors includes the president, president-elect, and eight members-at-large who are national SAA members that are elected to one-year terms except for the president-elect who serves one year as president-elect, one year as president, and one year as past president.

The national SAA Board of Directors serves as the connection among the national SAA, local SAA chapters, student volunteers, and national student members. National SAA Board members represent the breadth and depth of national SAA initiatives and interests by following the outlined Roles and Responsibilities and by serving as committee chairs guided by the strategic direction in the areas of public outreach, philanthropy, leadership, education, communications, chapter and member relations, and student-focused programming at the annual AAA Conference. 


In addition to national SAA’s vision and mission statements, the national SAA Board of Directors is guided by the following strategic goals to support all student members throughout their education.

  • Introduce students to the professional resources available through the Academy.
  • Equip students with the resources and knowledge to support a successful professional career as an audiologist.
  • Facilitate a pipeline for Academy membership.

National SAA Executive Committee

The national SAA Executive Committee ensures that the organization meets the current and future needs of students by aligning the organization’s mission and vision statements to those needs. The committee also ensures that the policies and initiatives of the organization align with the mission and vision statements. Additionally, the committee will accomplish strategic goals that align with the mission and vision but fall outside the charge of individual committees, including the streamlining of organizational initiatives and resources, collaboration with outside organizations, the stewardship of the organization’s finances, and other duties as required.

The national SAA Executive Committee is composed of the SAA president, president-elect, past president, secretary, and the chair of the national SAA Communications Committee.

Nominations and Elections

Elections for the national SAA Board of Directors are held annually in February. Applications for nominees are accepted the fall prior, usually opening in October, and the official slate is recommended by the national SAA Nominations Committee to the standing national SAA Board of Directors for approval. Notifications are sent to current national SAA members (Undergraduate Associate Members are not eligible to run) when the call for applications is open and the website is updated with additional information on how to apply.

Interested in running for the national SAA Board of Directors? Questions can be sent to

Past National SAA Leadership

The national Student Academy of Audiology would like to thank all of the individuals that have served on the national SAA Board since its inception in 2009 with a special thank you to all of our past national SAA presidents who have engaged, empowered, and led national SAA to where it is now.

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