Undergraduate Students

Students applying to audiology programs typically pursue an undergraduate degree in speech and hearing science. Many programs offering the doctor of audiology degree have widened their scope and strongly consider students with academic disciplines in broad areas of science and technology including biology, physics, chemistry, psychology, and engineering.

undergraduate students

Some programs may require that additional pre-requisite classes be completed either prior to starting or concurrently with an AuD program if the student's major is not in speech and hearing science.


Undergraduate Resources

The SAA has compiled several resources to help undergraduate students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in audiology be better prepared.

applying to doctoral programs

Applying to Audiology Graduate School

The national SAA created a guide to aid undergraduates in their search for and application to an audiology program. Please contact Sarah Crow, Member Relations Committee Chair, with any questions.

Developing a 30 Second and 1 Minute Message-min

How I got into an Audiology Graduate Program Survey

Ever wondered what it took to get into an audiology graduate program? To answer this question, the national SAA reached out to current audiology students and asked them to share their experiences and advice in order to help prospective students get into an audiology graduate program. Are you a current audiology graduate student interested in taking the survey?

Advocacy and You- A Difference is One Choice Away (PPT)-min

Personal Statement Supplement

This supplement is intended to provide additional, more detailed information to aid undergraduate students in writing a personal statement or statement of purpose for their graduate school application. 


Undergraduate Associate Membership

Become an Undergraduate Associate member of the national SAA and gain access to resources and materials relevant to your future profession! To be eligible, Undergraduate Associates must be enrolled in an undergraduate program or taking post-baccalaureate classes at an accredited institution for higher learning. Join today!

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