The Student Voice of Audiology 

The national Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) represents the collective voice of audiology students. The national SAA is committed to serving students of all backgrounds pursuing careers in audiology including advancing their rights, interests, and welfare.  

Through lifelong involvement, audiology students and national SAA can help promote and advance the profession of audiology. From providing services and information to educating and representing the industry, as well as building an inclusive community, advocacy for the profession and consumers is essential.  

Learn how you can benefit from being a national SAA member and find your space in the national student audiology community.


Why Join the Student Academy of Audiology? 

The most valuable national SAA membership benefit is the student voice. The national SAA is dedicated to making sure the student voice is heard in the discussions involving audiology students and the progression of the profession. In addition to advocacy resources, the SAA provides educational opportunities that span outside of the standard curriculum, practical resources for the everyday audiology (or soon to be) audiology students, as well as additional savings and discounts on Academy member benefits and services to help lessen the financial load many students carry. If you have any questions about the national SAA or becoming a national SAA member, contact our membership department.

Alexis Leiderman

"Being a member of SAA has led to professional growth, leadership development, and the opportunity to connect with other students who are just as passionate about the field."

Alexis Leiderman
President—Student Academy of Audiology


Engage, empower, and lead the student voice with resources to support your leadership goals.

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Leadership Resources 

Engage, empower, and lead the student voice with resources to support your leadership goals.

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SAA Chapters 

Being a part of your nationally recognized local SAA chapter can provide a space for students to come together and learn at the national level.


Online Member Directory 

Connect with seasoned audiologists and potential collaborators through the Academy’s online member directory. 

Student Community

Discuss student-related topics with your peers and future colleagues on the community reserved just for students.


Expand on the concepts and curriculum taught in national audiology programs through educational programming and resources provided by the national SAA and the American Academy of Audiology.

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Applying to Audiology Graduate School Guide

Access a wealth of information on how to find and apply to an audiology program that is best suited to you.


SAA Conference

Receive access to in-depth and hands-on education and experiences that supplement audiology program curriculum across the nation.  

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Research and Scholarship Opportunities  

Explore funding options that are supported by the national SAA and the American Academy of Audiology Foundation. 

Graduate Study and/or Academic Research Survey Request

Need your survey disseminated to members of the Academy or SAA? SAA members can download and fill out the request form to have their survey linked in AuD Weekly.  

Student and Career Resources

Take advantage of member only resources including networking opportunities, resume reviews, and more to enhance your professional potential.  



Finding an externship that is right for you is time consuming. The national SAA provides resources from an externship guide to a database full of externship opportunities for you to explore. 

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Compensation Survey

View a full report of the surveys that provide total compensation data for audiologists by full-time and part-time status.

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New Audiologist Resources

You aren’t alone on your new professional journey. The Academy and national SAA have resources to aid you in every step of your journey.  

Discounts and Savings 

Explore discounts and savings given to national SAA members that will save you time and money.



The Academy’s online learning center, eAudiology, provides opportunities to learn at your convenience. National SAA members only pay $10 for webinars or receive FREE access to some webinars such as Join the Discussion.


AAA Annual Conference  

Attend student-focused programming, evidence-based sessions, networking opportunities, and more to get the latest information on the profession and innovative research. National SAA members pay less than $100 while nonmembers pay upwards of $550.


Professional Liability Insurance

As an extern, protect yourself from the financial consequences of a lawsuit with professional liability insurance. 


Health Insurance 

Keep yourself healthy with discounted rates on health insurance. 


Framing Services 

Display your membership certifications, awards, and recognitions proudly.