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New professionals are the future of audiology. As you begin to take the next step from student to new professional, know that the national Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) and the American Academy of Audiology are here for you.

Navigating the Job Search 

As a new professional, life can be chaotic. The Academy and national SAA have many resources that you can take advantage of to aid in your job search.

Continuing Your Education

The audiology profession is constantly evolving. As an audiologist, it’s important to continue your education. The Academy and affiliated organizations provide resources to help aid in your education needs.

Most licensing bodies require continuing education units (CEUs), and some certifying bodies require CEUs. The number of CEUs you must obtain and the interval over which you must obtain them depends on the individual requirements of each organization. Find information regarding continuing education options below.

Networking with Your Peers

The audiology profession is a tight-knit group of professionals. Networking is an important factor in your career. Take advantage of networking opportunities such as the Audiology Community and other events such as Academy conferences.

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