Becoming a Student Academy
of Audiology Member

Graduates enrolled full-time in an AuD, AuD/PhD, or PhD program earning a first doctoral degree in audiology are eligible for membership with the Student Academy of Audiology.

International students are eligible to apply if enrolled in a non-United States post-secondary academic institution for audiology.

Undergraduate associates must be enrolled in an undergraduate program or taking post-baccalaureate classes at an accredited institution for higher learning.

Lily Rollins

“SAA provides resources that are created by students, for students that open a dialogue and facilitate a discussion on current events and issues in audiology."

Lily Rollins
President—Student Academy of Audiology

Membership Has Its Benefits

The most valuable, intangible, benefit of SAA membership is the student voice, heard through participation in the Academy’s activities. SAA provides many benefits to accomplish getting the student voice heard.

Membership Fees

National SAA dues are $65 for SAA Members and $40 for Undergraduate Associates. Membership runs on a calendar year (January-December) and are paid annually. 

Recently Graduated? Take the Next Step and Fellow Up!

The Academy’s Fellow Up! Program assists graduating SAA members with transitioning their membership from student to professional status within the Academy. Once current SAA members have graduated with their first doctoral degree in audiology, the Academy will automatically upgrade their membership to Fellow 1 status when membership renewals are run for that year.


Welcome New and Rejoining Members!

October 2022

  • Aparna Arasaratnam
  • Lily Arnpriester
  • Christel Azar
  • Aurelie Belleau-Matte
  • Rebeccah Berke
  • Kelsey Boze
  • Emily Burnett
  • Sabrina Caro
  • Gia Ky Chung
  • Caterina Coppola
  • Aidan Creamer
  • Raphael Dautrey
  • Megan Davidian
  • Gabriela De Loera
  • Sydney Dejewski
  • Katherine Dibartolomeo
  • Mike Dirmish
  • Angelica Discini
  • Alexis Dueñas
  • Savanna Espinoza
  • Jessie Eveland
  • Marc-Antoine Gagné
  • Olivia Gil
  • Katie Greenway
  • Zahra Habibi Babadi
  • Tanaura Harrison
  • Susana Hernandez
  • Brynn Hesselberg
  • Lauren Hobson
  • Morgan Howley
  • Drew Huffman
  • Kathryn Kroll
  • Sarah LaPrelle
  • Katrina Lee
  • Dolores Martin
  • Taylor Mayes
  • Hannah Miller
  • Mika MInami
  • Hannah Moody
  • Mia Moussally
  • Katherine Mueller
  • Ayse Oguzer
  • Daniel Paromov
  • Gianmaris Perez
  • Antonio Sam Pierre
  • Mandy Pimentel
  • Maryann Quigley
  • Mahaat Qureshi
  • Melissa Rafaniello
  • Mohamed Rahme
  • Mercedes Ramirez
  • Lydia Redjah
  • Lori Sande
  • Shayla Sanders
  • Mirabella Schoendorff
  • Melanie Schroeder
  • Brynne Stevens
  • Kristen Torres
  • Thomas Tran
  • Grace Watson-Carr
  • Karlee Wehe
  • Vasilios Zestos