Why are you interested in joining the national SAA Board of Directors?

I am hoping to contribute to the discussions taking place about the future of the profession that I will still be starting in. Being part of national SAA Board of Directors would put me on the frontline of these discussions and would be a very unique way for me to learn from and contribute to the field simultaneously. I am interested in learning about legislation and advocacy for the field, and I think national SAA would be a fantastic way to gain experience in this area.

What unique traits or skills will you bring to a leadership position with the national SAA?

Energy and willingness to learn!

If you could change one thing about the profession of audiology, what would it be?

Affordability/accessibility of treatment–Lack of universal coverage means patients and providers are forced to have back and forth with insurance, or insurance will not cover treatments whatsoever. Lack of coverage and accessibility is very much a systemic problem, and one that affects every single area of health care.