Why are you interested in joining the national SAA Board of Directors?

I aspire to join the national SAA Board of Directors (BOD) because I believe it will serve as a great opportunity for me to gain insight into diversified student perspectives that aim towards the same career goals as mine. The opportunity to learn from other students about their experiences and also be able to share mine is a privilege to have and would be valuable to my future career. Joining the national SAA BOD will also allow me to help other students (undergraduates) through my shared insight. I understand that, while I am not only given the opportunity to collaborate with other students, joining the national SAA BOD will ultimately help guide me to further advocate with and for others, while granting me more opportunities to increase outreach for the rapidly propelling field we love, which is audiology.

What unique traits or skills will you bring to a leadership position with the national SAA?

I am a non-traditional student, and I will bring along my unique perspectives and experiences, along with my organizational skills. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and personal experiences with others in the field of audiology, with undergraduate students, and with fellow graduate students. I have a buoyant outlook on my future as an audiologist, and I am eager to bring that attitude to others.

If you could change one thing about the profession of audiology, what would it be?

If I could change one thing about the profession of audiology, it would be to change how commonly unheard of we are in our profession as a collective. Many people do not know the range of the audiologist’s scope of practice, and some of this only extends to hearing aids and not beyond. The projection of the field is growing exponentially, and our education to the public on who we are and what we do should grow as well.