What are your specific interests in audiology? What are your professional goals related to these interests?

My specific interests in audiology include pediatrics, vestibular, audiological rehabilitation, and occupational audiology. I am not completely set on my professional roadmap yet; however, I know that I thrive in a fast-paced work environment that serves a diverse patient population. Additionally, I am very committed to promoting education, awareness, and advocacy for a variety of aspects of audiology. As a professional, I plan to continue being involved in professional organizations at the state and national level.

Have you previously volunteered with the SAA?

Yes, I have had the privilege to volunteer with SAA and love it so far! For my local chapter, this year I am the community outreach coordinator. I connect our undergraduate and graduate students in SAA with the community to promote awareness and education through hearing screenings, community talks, and volunteering in general.

Nationally, I am the Illinois State Ambassador and my role is to connect and collaborate with the five programs throughout Illinois. I have loved compiling and creating bimonthly newsletters which highlight local SAA programs throughout the state, include educational information, and connect all programs. My favorite part of the state ambassador program so far has been collaborating with our professional mentor! She and I discuss ways to engage students and we have created quarterly “Coffee and Conversation” programs for students to connect with one another and audiologists in Illinois on certain topics.

Finally, I have received the opportunity to become one of the co-chairs of the state ambassador program this year. Already, I have enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes working of creating the SA program and I am very excited to help in any way I can including implementing new and already created project ideas.

 Aside from the SAA, what other relevant volunteer experiences do you have?

Throughout all of undergrad, I was heavily involved in volunteer organizations. One of which is Camp Kesem, a national nonprofit organization which provided free summer camps for children whose parents are affected by cancer. This organization is completely operated by college students. Fundraising, logistics, and camper and counseling training were all elements I was heavily involved in helping with. Serving on the executive board for three years truly opened my eyes to leadership in volunteer organizations. Although graduate students cannot be involved in camp-related planning, I continue to support Camp Kesem as a graduate student with sharing social media posts, raising awareness, and volunteering where I can.