Doctoral Students

Doctoral Students

While most audiologists earn a doctor of audiology (AuD) degree, there are other doctoral degrees that audiologists can obtain, i.e., PhD, Scad, etc., from accredited universities with special training in the prevention, identification, assessment, and treatment of hearing disorders.

The focus of the professional doctorate in audiology (AuD) is on the development of clinical proficiency. The AuD is the entry-level degree granted for professional practice in audiology.

Review the list of doctoral programs in audiology and start exploring this fascinating profession!

Choosing an Audiology Program

Find out more about what students should know and look for when seeking to become an audiologist.

International Audiology

Have you ever considered practicing audiology abroad? What about pursuing an externship opportunity outside of the United States? This document serves as a resource to assist doctoral students in audiology who are interested in pursuing international audiology endeavors in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 

The Academic Bucket List: A Retrospective
Although it may not always seem it, the time spent getting a PhD is fleeting. In the scope of a career, half a decade is brief. While short, this phase is critically important because it prepares the burgeoning scientist to embark on a career in teaching, industry, or research.

Selecting PhD Programs and Advisors
This document provides basic guidelines for selecting a PhD program and advisor. Pursuers of a PhD degree come from several “camps,” specifically students who are earning concurrent AUD and PhD degrees (joint AuD/PhD program), students who are looking for just a PhD or students who have earned an AuD and are now going back to school for a PhD (successive degrees). These guidelines are for students in any camp, and some may be more relevant to you than others.

National Exam Practice Questions
At the 2017 AAA Annual Conference, the SAA Programs Subcommittee hosted a "AuD Practice Bowl" Student Workshop designed to give current AuD students a glimpse of the types of questions that are on the National Exam. Click here to view the questions that were presented along with the answer key.