Advocacy Tools

Advocacy Tools

Advocating For Audiology: Forward We Go One Ripple at a Time
The national SAA created a Prezi Presentation to help students navigate the waters of current pieces of legislation involving or pertaining to audiology. The presentation is designed to make advocacy more approachable for students and the committee hopes the information provided will give you the confidence and knowledge to discuss the issues on both the local and national levels. Click here for a PDF version of the script.

Advocacy Training Resources for Chapters

How A Bill Becomes A Law
Getting involved is imperative because the process of turning an idea into a law is a long one. When you learn how legislation is passed, you will find that getting involved is incredibly important and easy to do!

Legislative Action Center
The Academy's advocacy efforts seek to educate and shape national policies regarding hearing health care issues, while raising the profile of audiologists with public policy makers. The SAA encourages all of its members to utilize its advocacy resources to learn about initiatives and get involved! Contact your member of Congress through the Legislative Action Center or learn more about reaching out to federal candidates by contributing to the Academy’s Political Action Committee (PAC). Do your part to ensure the voice of audiology is heard on the Capitol Hill!

Public Awareness Resources