Advocacy Updates

Advocacy Updates

The SAA's advocacy updates are designed to provide key updates regarding advocacy news and initiatives as identified from the SAA Public Outreach Committee. We know everyone is busy, so we’ve specially formatted the information to be a quick and easy way to get the information that is most relevant to you so you can get out there and advocate! Download a PDF version of the most recent newsletter or scroll down to read the latest update! Past advocacy updates can be found at the bottom of the web page.


November 2020

Interstate Compacts: Why Advocate?

The ASLP-IC is critical for the expansion of telehealth, patient access, and community of care.

Practicing providers in the compact adhere to their receiving state's scope of practice and continuing education requirements only, no longer having to maintain multiple state licenses.

Once ten states enact ASLP-IC, audiologists can apply to practice in-person and through telehealth in ASLP-IC states.

Visit for the latest updates on legislation and enactment across states.

Legislative Update

LB753 was introduced into the Nebraska Health and Human Services Committee on January 8, 2020. This legislation would establish the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact (ASLP-IC) in Nebraska, enabling providers in Nebraska to care for patients from other states that also belong to the compact. Send a quick email of support to the members of the Committee!

 Virtual Advocacy

Planning an advocacy presentation to educate your local chapter members? Visit the SAA Advocacy Tools web page for pre-pre-made presentationssentations or modify it to meet your chapters needs.

Interested in scheduling phone meetings with legislators? Check out tips for developing a concise, effective message!

Never met with your legislators before? Role-play with your chapter and practice discussing audiology-related legislation.

Advocacy in Action

Lace Le, AuD is a private practice audiologist in Arizona. When she isn't helping patients, she is helping future audiologists through her Instagram page by providing tangible student-related tips and advice to help audiology students navigate through their graduate programs. This platform has allowed Dr. Le to engage not only the audiology community, but also the general public, by providing information about hearing loss, prevention, intervention, and related conditions. As a virtual advocate, Dr. Le uses this platform to share her own clinical experiences, insights, and pitfalls with the hopes of helping students learn and gain perspectives about the profession of audiology.



For more information regarding SAA and advocacy, or for questions, comments and suggestions, contact: Megan Tice




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