Advocacy Updates

Advocacy Updates

The SAA's advocacy updates are designed to provide key updates regarding advocacy news and initiatives as identified from the SAA Public Outreach Committee. We know everyone is busy, so we’ve specially formatted the information to be a quick and easy way to get the information that is most relevant to you so you can get out there and advocate! Download a PDF version of the most recent newsletter or scroll down to read the latest update! Past advocacy updates can be found at the bottom of the web page.

February 2021

Legislative Update: Pediatric Hearing Aid Coverage

For the past two years, Missouri has proposed bills in the House and Senate to require insurance coverage of hearing aids for children - these bills were unsuccessful. 

Missouri Medicaid covers hearing services, hearing aids, and FM/DM systems for children. A bill has been filed to the Missouri House and Senate which requires healthcare plans to provide coverage for all services covered by Missouri Medicaid, at a minimum.

Advocates have recorded four videos of parents of deaf/hard-of-hearing children discussing the burden of lack of insurance coverage and seeking funding elsewhere to present to the Missouri Congress as well. Track the bill to stay up to date on legislative action!

 COVID-19 Vaccinations for Audiologists

States have begun vaccination efforts, varying in how many of their doses have been given out. While all states prioritize healthcare workers in Phase 1, some states specifically identify who qualifies as a “healthcare worker.” Many healthcare providers in private practice and/or those not affiliated with a large healthcare system are concerned that they are being overlooked.

Access your state’s vaccine distribution plan and determine if your state has defined “healthcare workers.” If audiologists are not listed or the designation is not defined, contact your local and state health department to advocate for the inclusion of audiologists in this category.


Two thousand twenty (2020) was a big year for advocacy in audiology! Read the Academy’s 2020 Advocacy in Review to recap the tremendous feats of the year!

Advocacy in Action

Ty Tanker, BA, is a third year AuD student at the University of Iowa. He has served on his local SAA executive board for two years and is a member of Iowa’s outreach organization, University of Iowa Sound Awareness for Everyone (UISAFE). For the past few months Ty has been planning a live online event featuring four to five students with hearing loss across a range of ages who use varying communication modalities. The goal of the event is to provide these students a platform to express themselves and talk about what makes them unique, focusing on educating the public about the many ways hearing loss can manifest and impact lives differently.  With prepared and live questions from the audience, these students will have the opportunity to be seen and heard. Ty hopes this will work towards eliminating the stigma surrounding kids with hearing loss and will serve as a tool for parents, teachers, and anyone curious about hearing loss. For more information about the event, please contact Ty Tanker.


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