"Ask Me About Audiology" Campaign

"Ask Me About Audiology" Campaign

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change”- Eckart Tolle.

Advocacy is often thought of as strictly engaging in the political process to enact change. However, advocacy can also take form in educating community members on particular topics. In celebration of October being National Audiology Awareness Month, the SAA is challenged all the SAA chapters to advocate for audiology by participating in our “Ask Me About Audiology” Campaign (AMAA) on Saturday, October 21, 2017 and they responded! Over 5,000 earplugs have been distributed to 29 SAA Chapters across the nation (including Puerto Rico) in preparation for this event! A special thank you goes out to Oaktree Products, Inc. for generously providing complimentary earplugs to encourage participation.

Local SAA chapters coordinated with chapter members and community venues to provide hearing protection for noisy activities (football games, concerts, etc.), and to increase public knowledge of the profession of audiology. 

Engaging in advocacy work can be challenging to get started, and AMAA helps students get involved with national momentum. In addition to increasing community awareness about audiology and the detriments of noise exposure, AMAA provides students the ability to practice advocating for our profession. Students from all over the country volunteered their time to go into their community and discuss audiology and hearing health. This service opportunity is rewarding for students as they engaged their community members in conversation about their passion for audiology. The conversations among students and community members positively impacted individuals who may obtain benefit from seeking audiological intervention or prevent hearing loss from noise exposure. Providing education and hearing protection is good stewardship of community wellness. Check out some of the SAA chapters that participated as they shared messages about audiology to promote public awareness. A photo album will be posted on the SAA Facebook page and the Academy's Instagram in addition to the fabulous pictures below!

Goldie Pappan is a fourth-year at University of Kansas Medical Center and a member of the SAA Public Outreach Committee.

Pictured Above: Illinois State University SAA Chapter

Pictured Left: University of Colorado-Boulder SAA Chapter

Pictured Above: Missouri State University SAA Chapter

Pictured Right: Northern Illinois University SAA Chapter

Pacific University SAA Chapter

Purdue University SAA Chapter

Syracuse University SAA Chapter

University of Memphis SAA Chapter

Pictured Above: Washington University SAA Chapter

Pictured Below: University of South Alabama SAA Chapter

Wayne State University SAA Chapter