"Ask Me About Audiology" AMAA Campaign

The "Ask Me About Audiology" Campaign (AMAA) is entering its ninth year. Nationally recognized SAA chapters across the nation have held local AMAA events, such as passing out earplugs at sporting events, setting up a booth in a farmer's market, and conducting interviews of national SAA members for a social media series! AMAA has easily become a Fall semester staple for many local nationally recognized SAA chapters, the campaign seeks to empower students to educate members of the local community about hearing healthcare, the impact of hearing loss/noise exposure, and the profession of audiology.

Tools to Get Started

AMAA is about spreading information and awareness in your local community. To do this effectively, chapters are encouraged to have some type of leave-behind to either serve as a reminder of your message or as a starting point for people to pursue more information. See below for other published resources that you may find helpful in planning your event:

Hosting an Event

An AMAA Campaign can take on many shapes and sizes as long as you’re generating awareness and discussion about audiology. This is a perfect opportunity to partner with an SAA chapter in your state or even an allied health profession at your university (e.g. medical, dental, or optometry students). See below for potential event ideas:

  • Join a health fair or health walk in your local community
  • Pass out hearing protection at a sporting event or airshow
  • Give a presentation at a local school or senior center
  • Create a social media challenge and encourage your friends, neighbors, and students in allied health professions to participate

We encourage you to be as creative and collaborative as possible. Don't forget to share pictures of your events with us on the SAA Facebook and Instagram!

Questions? Contact Michelle Wu, national SAA education committee chair.

AMAA Quick Facts