At the SAA, connecting you to a welcoming and dynamic community of other students and chapters is one of our principal goals and core member benefits. Some of the best ways for you to get connected include:

Academy Research Conference (ARC) Pediatrics: Advancements in Assessment and Rehabilitation: Our ability to identify, diagnose, and treat infants and children with hearing loss has improved significantly over the last decade as a result of enhanced understanding of developmental and biological mechanisms, and technological advances. These important elements in the hearing healthcare of children will be examined at ARC, a one-day translational research conference. Dr. Ann Marie Tharpe, ARC Program Chair, assembled a world-renowned panel of experts including Phillip Gilley, Kristen Uhler, Ben Hornsby, Ruth Litovsky, Brenda Ryals, and Susan Scollie.

Audiology Community. A collaboration platform that includes a document posting area, listserv capabilities, discussion forums, social media integration and a Student Community. Visit the community, login, and start collaborating with your colleagues!

AudiologyNOW!® is the premiere event for the audiology profession. From all over the world, researchers, practitioners, and students alike gather for the American Academy of Audiology conference. Approximately 7,000 audiologists, including 900 students, congregate at this event to learn about new findings and progression in the field of audiology. Click here to learn more about this event and how you can get involved as a student.  

SAA Conference: Designed to present real-life, clinical case studies for graduate audiology students at all levels, this one day conference held at AudiologyNOW!, consists of six speakers presenting on a wide range of topics - vestibular audiology, auditory neuropathy, and acoustic trauma among others - in addition to various networking sessions.

Social Media. Visit the SAA social media sites and interact with your colleagues, get updates on audiology, and SAA-related events and activities.

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