SAA Committee Volunteers

SAA Committee Volunteers

The SAA Board of Directors has been hard at work developing activities and events to build the SAA. Below is a list of current national SAA Committees with links to their charges:


We are currently accepting applications for the 2016-2017 committee year. As of now, all committee appointments have been made however, several micro-volunteer opportunities are available and will be considered on a rolling basis. If interested, please fill out and submit an application through the SAA Volunteer Pool. Questions? E-mail Rachael Sifuentes, SAA Operations Manager. 

SAA committee volunteers must be members of the national SAA and must remain active SAA members throughout their committee service (or Academy members if they graduate and transition to Fellow membership status before the end of the committee year).

The SAA Committee Charges…..

SAA Advocacy Committee
Plan and organize events, and facilitate communication to promote audiology through public awareness, education, and government relations. This includes educating students about the importance of advocating for the profession, and assisting students with becoming actively involved in government relations at the state and national level.

SAA Programs Subcommittee for AudiologyNOW! 2017
The SAA Programs Subcommittee serves to enhance the student experience at AudiologyNOW! by planning educational sessions, organizing social events, and promoting networking opportunities.

SAA Education Committee
The SAA Education Committee works to provide focused information to current audiology students to encourage a positive AuD experience and smooth transition from student to professional, as well as to promote audiology to the general public through awareness campaigns and government relations.

SAA Humanitarian Committee
To promote service and philanthropic efforts to the community through audiology by encouraging the giving of time and effort to those who would or do benefit from audiology services.

SAA Media Committee
To connect students in the field of audiology through the use of media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The SAA Media Committee keeps students up to date on not only current events but what other chapters and students are doing all over the country to promote the profession. This allows students to share their accomplishments, philanthropic efforts, stories, and general ideas, to further involvement in the field of audiology.

SAA Fundraising Committee
Achieve budget neutral status and to identify, plan and implement fundraising opportunities for the SAA in affiliation with the AAA Foundation.

SAA Chapter Relations Committee
To build and strengthen the SAA family through increased membership, engagement, collaboration and communication between local university chapters and the National SAA group. Maximize growth by educating AuD students and undergraduate students interested in audiology on the mission of AAA and SAA while emphasizing the benefits of membership and networking; working with AuD programs, with and without SAA chapters, to outline organizational efforts and goals.

SAA Undergraduate Committee
Help develop undergraduate chapters at universities that do not have a graduate AuD program or SAA Chapter; track the benefits and determine the need to expand to other universities. Also, expand and educate our undergraduate member population.

SAA Conference Subcommittee
Organize and coordinate annual SAA Conference program that is held in conjunction with the Academy’s annual conference, AudiologyNOW!, design an educational program that all SAA Members would find useful for their professional development, invite and attract high quality speakers, enhance the education value of the meeting through innovative teaching methods and in conjunction with Academy staff, develop marketing information to promote the conference.